How do I send an email to everyone in a group?

To send an email to everyone in a group, you must have an identifier named "email" or "e-mail". If you don't already have an email identifier, you can set this up in the identifiers tab of the admin menu. Every attendee of a group can be sent an email from within the admin menu by tapping the 'More' tab and then tapping "Email group".  Note that the "group" will be whichever group you currently have open. You can change groups in the 'Group' tab.

How do I change the order of the list of attendees?

The attendees in every group are listed in increasing order by their first identifier. For example, by default, the first Identifier is "First name", therefore, your attendees will be listed in alphabetical order by first name. If you would like to list them in order by last name, just rearrange the order of your Identifiers (in the 'Identifiers' tab of the admin settings) so that "Last name" is on top/

How do I hide attendee information on the main screen?

In Sign In Please, attendees select their name from a list on the main screen. By default, the first three Identifiers are shown on this list (for example, "First Name", "Last name", and "Email") This is intentional, to help distinguish between individuals with similar names. However, if you would like to hide information, you can do this in the 'More' tab of the admin settings. Just tap 'Displayed fields' to toggle between 3, 2, and 1 shown Identifiers.